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i always update. it is amazing. [19 Jun 2005|10:30pm]
[ mood | tight ]

WOW i remember my password! i'm so tight! let's see... where to begin? I got 2nd in greco state, made team indiana (44 kids in indiana make it), went to shitty team camp, which... was shitty. I saw Casey for the first time EVER IN MY LIFE, and that was hardcore. I got a tattoo of shooting stars on my chest... uhm.. i turn 18 in two months.... i started getting on AIM again.. I quit my job at Lone Star, and applied at infinite other places that apparently are racist, went to prom, king's island twice, and am a broke hoe... i have team indiana camp in july, not stoked.. i haven't talked to eriq since the glaciers melted, but i talked to paul on the phone for like two hours at four in the morning, or so it felt.. i'm going to ozzfest (yuck) with my brother so he can see iron maiden, but i'm seeing motley crue in september, and they kick ARSE. I've hung out with Zem a few times. I love that girl so much. I like sex in the city. i wish it was still on. i missed the simpson's today. SNAP. american dad sucks. happy father's day

love for fire

[18 Mar 2005|10:25am]
[ mood | creative ]

happy st. patty's day yesterday, everyone... i start at lonestar today. i'm happy happy and full of joy. i'm really hungry right now... maybe i'l eat at work! i spent all 1st period today designing the tattoos i'm getting for my 18th birthday. I have 8 in my mind, but i'm gonna change one of them because i was gonna get the same thing on both arms and now i decided that's stupid. soooooo anyone got any ideas? my friend mike has pharaoh written across his stomach, and has the egyptian symbol for eternal life on his back. he's getting the gods of good and evil on his arms, and it's pretty cool. i kinda like the egyptian theme.. anyways, i'll get back to sketching. i'll post again within the next few days hopefully.
good luck to all those who wrestle at cadet folkstyle state tomorrow.

this could be love love for fire

[16 Mar 2005|10:13am]
[ mood | sick ]

alright, you've got me.. i'll make an entry. i wrestled at evansville reitz saturday and placed second at 119. go me. evansville is the best city in the state at wrestling. i'm in a new band called the species, and between wrestling on the team, the PM wrestling club, Perry Elite, and this band... i have absolutely no free time whatsoever. I've been getting some college stuff sorted out... i've been talking to University of Southern Indiana, and Michigan State University... i'm leaning more toward USI, because the tuition is cheaper and it's in the state... it's actually further away from here than MSU, but i don't have to pay out of state taxes and so forth. I'm going to C9 for marketing next year, so i won't be around at Perry.. I lettered in wrestling and have already paid for and ordered my jacket, it'll be in before spring break. speaking of spring break, i'm going to florida for the first time ever! i'm pretty stoked about that. I'm going to Ft. Meyers with Johnny Urich. we're leaving next wednesday. I got a job at lonestar, and i start friday. that's pretty cool. i'll be getting some mula. i'm moving out over the summer after i turn 18, so this is kinda the beginning of the end for me. I can't wait till school ends and wrestling calms down... so i can just work and get money, and support my son....

that last part was a joke.. haha.

this could be love love for fire

wow [04 Oct 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

don't worry, it hasn't been over a month since i updated or anything ::shifts eyes::... soo... wrestling has been a pain in the ass, but as far as ass pains go, it hasn't been the worst. Sunday is a tournament. Border Wars. It's at Lawrence Central, so anyone who wants to watch Kyle kick some ass, go! If i place in the top four, I go to Border Wars nationals. yay. i've been going to a lot of church stuff lately with Jayson Deese. it's been very enjoyable. i'm not super religious, but i've been having fun. i'll continue to go every other sunday to adoration at Our Lady Greenwood. Ben Coe goes there. Ben Coe is a great man. I've been hanging out a lot more with my friend Jimmie on the weekends. It's been fun. I miss Ryan. I made a new friend, her name's Tito. I love Tito, she rocks. This weekend was crazy. I don't really wanna talk about it, but it was just crazy. I went through Edgewood haunted house by myself. Jimmie and I let our group go before us so we could go alone. i went first, and a few minutes later, jim entered. it was one of the scariest times of my life. that haunted house kicks ass. I got my new wrestling shoes. they're great. I also got last year's Cael Sanderson's. They're Asics, which i love, and i'm gonna wear them mostly. I know i'm wearing them at Border Wars. Tomorrow night is open wrestling in the wrestling room at the Highschool, so i won't be online most likely. Wed. and Thurs. are the same. I really hope my friends come out and see me this year. Oh yeah, i've been talking to Lindsay Quyle a little lately, thought i'd give a shoutout to her. I hope she reads this lol. My band's site is www.sevenstoryfall.tk and everyone's talking shit on the guestbook, so join in if you wish. Goodnight, fellow Hoosiers (or maybe not)

this could be love love for fire

[02 Sep 2004|10:05pm]
[ mood | i'm just terrific, thank you ]

just so you guys know... i rigged that, don't expect to put in your name and have a possibility of getting those answers. sorry to disappoint you.


school is good, easy... wrestling starts tuesday. yay? tomorrow is the ALR show, that i might have to miss because i have to take my bro to guitar cause my parents won't be home... if only the show wasn't at the emerson... ugh... oh well, i have their cd and i've seen them a few times, i'll survive. plus i'm sure i'll get the details. have a good night, united states.

this could be love love for fire

[02 Sep 2004|09:55pm]
Your Superhero Persona
by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameBig Dick
Super PowerHighly Toxic Sperm
Mode Of TransportationWeiner Mobile
WeaponMy Own Big Dick
Quiz created with MemeGen!
love for fire

"do you ever think 'oh my god, oh my god i am huge' dadadada" ::sings:: [19 Aug 2004|08:22pm]
the subject line is what chris was singing at the time "dooooo you ever think...." hahaha he's hilarious!!! I've been talking to Ashley a lot lately.. she's so awesome. I'm going to her house for her birthday i guess. AWESOME. my birthday is saturday. 17 woohoo. Being a junior is nice... my schedule is easy. HAHAHAHA my brother said "Mr. Barnhizer hasn't done anything gay yet" and Chris said "well you haven't seen what's been going on under the desk" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that's the funniest thing I've ever heard!!! I have the sleepy sillies. I'm gonna go to bed a lil early tonight i guess. No one is online except ashley and lindsey.. and lindsey is bored, but that's okay i guess.. Ashley is entertaining enough.. aww she's sad :( GET HAPPY or else bad things will happen ::shakes fist:: tomorrow is a silver day. that means... biology, journalism, U.S. History, and English. YIPPEE i like silver days!! woohoo.
this could be love love for fire

[06 Aug 2004|11:29pm]
[ mood | moody ]

got up at two... aaron kriel called me and told me to take a five minute shower. I picked him up at zach gribble's house after i got ready and drove, of course. On the way to the mall (we didn't have money so decided to go somewhere fun and free) he told me that zach still thought i was gay. haha... everyone thinks i'm gay. I dropped aaron back off at zach's and picked up kristi at lindsey's.. because i hadn't hung out with just kristi in an eternity. we went to ritters and she got a banana split. I got a chocolate malt cause i wasn't hungry. then we went to douglas macarthur and played on the new playground + swung a lot. after that we ventured back to lindsey's where kristi, lindsey, ryan, and i watched dumb and dumber... then i left in the middle of it and went home and got online and talked to ashley (she's in florida now) which was a treat.. ashley is a cool girl. i guess she's been kristi's friend since they were itty bitty things, but i've only seen her at lindsey's house haha. i was hoping i'd see paul at the mall today... but then again, i was with aaron kriel and they hate eachother.. so that wouldn't have been too pretty. i love paul. i love eriq too. i miss that kid a lot. eriq, if you read this.. let's hang out next week. i'll probably call him anyways, this can just be the heads up. this is a long entry, probably one of my longest.. i haven't updated much lately. sorry guys, i'll try to keep up. The other day at lindsey's i saw brian popp (jaw drops).. i missed that kid so much. his hair is different, and his lip-ring is beautiful. i love brian. August 14th is gonna be an awesome show. Still Remains and Bowels of Judas. Still Remains rock, and i haven't heard bowels of judas, but ryan loves them.. so i hope they're good. it's only 8 bucks. i need knew shoes. DONE.

this could be love love for fire

I swear to god... this is how i said i would die (besides the massive killing rampage with ryan) [02 Aug 2004|02:00am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
Your Name/Username
Favorite Number?
Favorite Color?
How will you commit suicide?You will jump off of the nearest, highest building
How many tries will it take?12
When will you commit suicide?February 12, 2029
What will your suicide note say?Maybe now you'll care
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this could be love love for fire

[16 Jul 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | gooooood ]

if quizes are quizzicles... then tests are?Collapse )

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[11 Jul 2004|02:11am]
[ mood | ::stabs self in head:: ]

i know we've had our ups and downs.. and tonight wasn't the best night. but, i love you.. and i mean that.

this could be love love for fire

bottoms up!!! [09 Jul 2004|01:31am]
[ mood | happy as can be ]

How to make a clash_with_tile
5 parts competetiveness
5 parts ambition
1 part empathy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Top it off with a sprinkle of wisdom and enjoy!
this could be love love for fire

kapow! [08 Jul 2004|02:41pm]
[ mood | I'm fine ]

yesterday megan came over and took pictures. that's why i have a new livejournal background and icon. i hope everyone loves it.

this could be love love for fire

beginning of the endless beginning of ends [26 Jun 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

1. First Name: Kyle
2. Middle Name: Andrew
3. Last Name: Kendall                                                                                                                                                                             
4. Hair Color: brown, finally
5. Hair Style: short                                                                                                                                                                                 
6. Eye Color: Blue/green
7. Height: 5'6" ish
8. Location: Indianapolis
9. Birthday: August 21, 1987                       
10. Zodiac Sign: leo                                                                                                                                                                               11. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: Yes
12. Do you have a crush?: My girlfriend              

13. Favorite Animal: monkey or piggy                 
14. Favorite Sport: Wrestling                                                                                                                                                                  15. Favorite Color(s): purple                               
16. Favorite Friend/Friends: Eriq, Ryan, Megan, Kristi, Lindsey                  
17. Favorite Online Friend/Friends: Lindsey, Ryan, Kristi                              
18. Favorite Song/Songs: The Cure "Lovesong", Folly "don't shoot the piano player, he's doing the best he can"                              
19. Favorite movie quotes: "does this shirt make me look gay?" "no" "::tucks bottom into top to make it look like a bra:: how about now?"
20. Favorite Store: Goodwill
21. Favorite Feeling: pride and love          
22. Favorite Shoe: Sauconys
23. Favorite Scent: Lovespell
24. Do you wear make-up?: OMG I have the most gorgeous stuff.. I don't know what it's called cause I'm a boy, but I'll show you! ;)              
25. In a guy, do you want more personality or looks?: my man has to be handsome                                                                                          26. What kind of personality do you like in a guy?: The kind of personality where that guy.. is megan
27. Do you move fast or slow with a guy?: slow
28. What is your idea of the perfect guy?: your mom (had to do it)
29. Would you ever ask a guy out?: naw
30. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes: Brunettes.. hate blonde hair
31. What is the first thing you notice about guys?: uh.. what kind of person they are
32. What do you want to be when you grow up?: An english teacher
33. Do you sleep w/ stuffed animals?:  no
34: How far have you gotten?: in this country? california

35: Do you have a best friend?: Yes
36: Whos is your best friend?: I've got more than one.
37: Who do you e-mail the most?: whoever emails me... i only reply
38: Who is the meanest?: Siegfried or Roy
39: Who's the loudest?: LINDSEY!

Within the last 24 hours, have you...
40: Had a serious talk?: Yes
41: Hugged someone?: Yes
42: Get along well with your parents?: Yes
43: Fought with a friend?: No

Do you like to...
44: Give hugs?: Yes!
45: Give back rubs?: why not, eh?
46: Take walks in the rain?: if it's warm
47: You ever have that falling dream?: Ewwwwww yes
48: What color is your floor/carpet in your room? Red
49: When you chew gum, what kind?: the chewy kind
50: Do you use chapstick? no
51: How do you plan on spending the summer?: wrestling and laying around, seeing megan too

Did You Ever
52. Drink?: Yes
53. Smoke?: Yes
54. Drugs?: Yes
55. Sex?: No
56. Made Out?: Yes
57. Go on a date?: Yes
58. Go to the movies?: Yes
59. Go to the mall?: Yes
60. Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Yes
61. Eaten sushi?: No
62. Been on stage? Yes
63. Been dumped?: Yes
64. Had someone be unfaithful to you?: Yes
65. Watched the smurfs?: Yes
66. Hiked a mountain?: No
67. Made homemade cookies?: Yes
68. Been in love?: Yes
69. Seen the White House?: No

MoRe StuFF
70. Are you popular?: sometimes
71. Are you pretty?: I look bad most of the time, but I can clean up nice
72. Do you have your own phone line?: My house has one phone.. let alone phoneline
73. What is your fav word to say?: gonnoherpasyphalaids
74. What is your fav phrase to say?: your vacuum cleaner ate my pants, there was nothing I could do

What is it right now
75. What time? : 4:59 PM
76. What are you doing right now?: Taking a survey, and listening to Iron Maiden
77. What song are you listening to?: Iron Maiden "the dream of mirrors"
78. What are you wearing?: P.J. pants, Ataris shirt, my hat
79. What color are your nails?: natural

80. Cold or hot?: Cold
81. Lace or satin?: Satin
81. Blue or Red?: Red
82. New or old?: Old
83. Rain or snow?: Rain
84. Give or receive?: Give
85. Wool or cotton?: Cotton
86. Rose or Daisy?: Daisy
87. Private school or public school?: Public
88. Chocolate milk or plain milk? Chocolate
89. Celsius or Fahrenheit?: Fahrenheit.. I HATE CELSIUS, it's confusing
90. Spring or Fall? Spring, further from winter
91. History or Science?: History

this could be love love for fire

FRIDAY [13 Jun 2004|01:48pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

mmmmkay... I've kinda been too busy/too not-caring-about-livejournal to update for a while. As some of you know, I have wrestling Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and practice on Tuesday at 6 p.m... so my schedule sucks, right? Oh, it gets worse! This Wednesday I'm going to a wrestling camp in Trafalgar, and I have 5 1/2 hours of wrestling and 1 1/2 hours of running per day... yes... nice, eh? Needless to say, I'm not having an easy summer... but FRIDAY Megan and I officially became boyfriend/girlfriend, which cancels out a whole summer of shit, plus!!! I saw Kristi and Lindsey for the first time since school let out! I've been talking to Kristi online and we're like "yeah... we need to see eachother" and never plan anything, and we collided into eachother at the mall! I hope they liked my short hair... it's different. Anddddd yesterday I want to Megan's cousin's wedding... it was nice. I saw the coolest doggie ever! he was wearing a tux and a hat! And then we drove to the reception, and I went to the mall to eat, cause they didn't have me as a planned guest, so I didn't have no food there.. I ate pizza and spaghetti instead, which was way way way good... I love italian food. Then I went back to the reception hall and tried to dance (I'm white...anyone who's seen me dance understands) and then I went home and started Scary Movie, but Megan called so I talked to her for a few hours... Annnnnnd then I finished Scary Movie, ate some food, and fell asleep. In other news, Brendon broke up with Wong. Now I'm mad at Brendon.. he broke up with her because he turned seventeen, and there was too much of an age gap. That's personally what pisses me off, because I talked about this with him the day before he asked her out, and he seemed to have gotten over it.. The girl can't help her fucking age! She's more mature than most highschoolers, and he dumps her based on her fucking age! ugh. Kyle mad. I saw Eriq for a few seconds last night, and those were my boner seconds for the day of Saturday, June 12, 2004.

this could be love love for fire

[30 May 2004|11:38pm]
[ mood | Mixed up ]

Every time she talks to me it's like she's kissing me with her words

this could be love love for fire

... ... ... ... [24 May 2004|08:47pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Alright, I'm really really... pissed off.   I'm gonna start off talking about how awesome yesterday was.. Maybe I'll cool off.  I went to Megan's for dinner.. it was SO good. Her mom is really really nice, and her sister and her boyfriend are cool. We listened to this really funny comedian after dinner... he was a redneck, he was talking about shaving pubes. hahaha.. he said "if I were a girl I wouldn't shave.. I would look like I was smuggling chewbacca in my bikini at the beach" hahaha! Okay and now onto today... Umm... I'll just show you:

BGRenagade09: you wrestle? i hate wreslting
Teardrops Sting: Are you serious?!
BGRenagade09: man handling other guys when you both are wearing spandex?...i think not BGRenagade09: i'm a hardass football kinda guy
Teardrops Sting: You have no idea how badly I want to kick your ass right now
BGRenagade09: not an.....i wanna feel your spandex body kinda guy
BGRenagade09: i'm not that kinda guy

I am so pissed off... I never had anything against this guy.. I never did anything.. He's like.. Zem's boyfriend, and I try to like him. I like her ex boyfriend.. And Zem always tells me how happy this guy makes her.. I tried, I hate him. Sorry man, I hate you...

this could be love love for fire

I think I captured your essence in a poem. The one that reads "kiss or cut the throat." [21 May 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

"I don't wanna wake up ten years from now with the same dust on my shoes.  I don't wanna wake up to the same shade of blue, and I know that I just want to wake up next to you. "

Hey... I am so pissed that I didn't get to go to Dave's last show with A Lovely Revenge... So I'm doing a tribute in my livejournal.  I know that Dave and the rest of ALR will never read this, but you guys will... I love Dave.. and his lyrics. ENJOY MY FAVORITES

"Your pretty eyes just never could break the stone around my heart."       "I never really accepted you as a part of me."                " And I heard so much about the first time magic."                "Cause I am coming back with the pride of a lion, and I'll rip you apart"              "I'm too blind to ever see a good thing when it's thrown at me.  Too much pride to ever leave a good thing when it just burns me."

My favorite song of theirs is New Hampshire To Burn...

"and I can't be angry because we both knew one day we'd bleed right through.  We will bleed right through, spreading stains on white carpet.  We will bleed right through--our hearts will dies our eyes will bleach."

I love A Lovely Revenge... best of luck to them with their new singer.

love for fire

I watched my aspirations crash into the ground [16 May 2004|05:58pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Yesterday I took Casey to his first show. It was awesome. Megan showed up. Some guy hit on her.. and every time she tried to talk to me he pulled her away. It was crazy. I was jealous. Anyways, Into the Silence played, and they were good. Sleeve broke his neck. I patted his shoulder. Ryan broke his side. I kissed my hand and touched it. Casey came over, and we just sat around for a long time, and watched Analyze That. It was funny. I went and saw Paul's pictures in skin quake twice yesterday. The pics of him getting his tongue split are crazy. He looked so young in some of those pictures. Paul touched Casey's penis a couple times. Neato, neato. Our yearbooks suck, every name is spelled wrong. haha. I wanted to go to Megan's to eat tonight, but my parents are being fools.. so I can't for some reason. I'm crying on the inside and frowning on the out. Finals are dangerously soon. Bring em' on. I'm ready. I'm gonna pass them all. Finals = fags. I'm gonna stop writing.

Megan <3

this could be love love for fire

monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, DANCIN ON A FRIDAY NIGHT [12 May 2004|10:43pm]
SO..... big test tomorrow... didn't study, forgot book = SHIT.  Tomorrow is like... the last hard day of the year.. blue days suck, and it's the last blue day of the last week before finals. ::sigh of relief:: So.. I have a newfound love for Dairy Queen. It rocks my socks. I'm listening to the darkness if you can't tell by my subject title. I love the Darkness. blah blah blah blah blah. I'm just updating this to update. Saturday is a really sucky show. Project Bottlecap, Mae, Re Vera. No one should go. If you do, say hi to me.. CAUSE I'LL BE THERE.. and I'll be hating every minute of it. You ask why I go??? "how dare you question my ability to choose which show I wanna make an appearence at" I would reply. SO TIRED. SO TIRED. SO TIRED!!!               <3 Megan Renae Bates
this could be love love for fire

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